Reveillons groupe folklorique


RéVeillons!  is a wellknown quartet involving crowd with arrangements simmered in the authentic Quebec’s culture, a resolutely urban, assumed and scouring traditional music, with its rush hours and its traffic jam, its terrace and its barbecue.


Music made in Quebec, traditionnal with a crude energy : omnipresent percussions which make the heart beat, an impetuous violin, a rythmic guitar all in nuances and voices that arisen to tell hazardous path of everyday life, with the audacity and the authenticity which the traditional music background acknowledge them for.


It’s an invitation to the soul of Quebec music and dance traditions. La joie de vivre of Quebec is at your doors. Welcome! Bienvenue!




Mardi, 9 septembre 2014

Vitrine pour l'Europe

Festival de la chanson de Granby

Granby (Québec)


Vendredi, 12 septembre

Veillée danse

Festival de la chansnon de  Granby

252 rue Principal, Granby (Québec)


10-11-12 octobre 2014

Festival La Virée

Microbrasserie Le Naufrageur

586 boul.  Perron, Carleton-sur-mer (Québec)


Samedi, 18 octobre 2014

Folk music Ontario conference

Toronto (Ontario)

Vebdredi, 19 décembre 2014

Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery

2047 Chemin Saint-Louis, Sillery (Québec)

Samedi, 27 décembre 2014

Magasin général Lebrun

Maskinongé (Québec)


Mercredi, 31 décembre 2014

Le Zaricot

1460 rue Des Cascades, Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec)